Eris Withers
Vital statistics
Position Silent Blades Member
Age 25, born on 6/4
Status Alive, Single
Physical attributes
Height 5' 7"
Weight 120 lbs.

Eris Withers [Theme: 東方 Touhou Metal/Rock 275- ] [SS]

Eris is an interesting woman. Although she is a member of the Silent Blades, she rarely ever is seen with the guild, and instead wanders the region playing her guitar. Her music is said to carry a mystic, soothing property to it, though few people ever see her for long.

Appearance          Edit

Eris has light red hair kept in a bun. Her eyes are a bright green, and she wears a hat made of straw. She typically has on a sleeveless tan colored top, and a large scarf around her neck. She sometimes wears a leather jacket, though normally forgoes it, especially when it’s hot. Her pants are rather simple, as they’re black and made of cloth. She has a simple looking acoustic guitar strapped to her back.

Personality Edit

Eris is quiet and mysterious, like a lot of the women in the Silent Blades. She expresses herself through song and music, rather than words whenever she can. She’s the type to be heard, not seen, as few people ever actually see her for more than just a glimpse, despite her always wandering Viosha. She thinks of herself as a guardian, as her music often wards evil away, protecting travelers near her. She often doesn’t overtly express her own views and opinions.

Backstory Edit

Eris didn’t have that bad a past, unlike a lot of other Silent Blade members. She was a quiet child, with an affinity for music. She learned to play guitar by the age of 6, and spent most of her time composing music and making her own takes on songs she’d heard. Her music soon started to gain a power of its own, as people learned she could have an emotional effect on others with her songs, and if she focused on making the essence of something, she could create items, or even somewhat alter events. She used this power for protection, as her village was often raided. She gathered attention from the Silent Blades due to how interesting her magic was, and she grew close to Corvus, one of the strongest members of Silent Blades. They dated for about a year, and eventually married. She later had a child with the Silent Blades member, Corvus. They named the kid Kyne. However, everything went awry when Eris and Corvus had a falling out, and she started to play her music to calm herself down. However, she channeled her hatred into the song on accident, and it formed a powerful entity, which killed her on the spot. Corvus learned of this, and started to hate himself, as it was ultimately his fault. He was able to get Hareyakana to bring her back to life, but she came out much differently than before, as she was silent, and didn’t seem to know Corvus, nor Kyne.  Her magic had grown in power however, and she remembered the Silent Blades, so she was inducted in. She now wanders around Viosha, playing hollow and cheery melodies alike.

Weapons & Gear Edit

  • Silent Wind: The acoustic guitar she carries. The guitar itself is a regular 6 string guitar. However, it has magical properties granted by Eris herself. She can channel her emotion and thoughts into the guitar, which makes various effects happen, depending on what she does.
  • Silver Dagger: A silver dagger she keeps in her pocket. She doesn’t use it much, but she’s proficient enough with it.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Eris’s main ability is the fact she can channel her emotion into music. Although she normally expresses it through guitar, she can achieve similar results with her voice, and presumably any other instrument she learns how to play. It has both offensive and defensive purposes.

Offensive Edit

  • [UA]{Base Only} Voice of the Wind: Eris starts to play a slow, melancholy melody on her guitar, humming a soft tune alongside it. A small breeze picks up, carrying small droplets of rain along with it. Eris picks up speed, the wind speeding up as she plays faster. She starts to sing a loud, clear melody, as the wind surrounds her and her opponent. The wind covers her up, and when it dies down, Eris now holds an electric guitar. She starts to play a pumped up version of her last song in another key, causing lightning to strike the enemy. She ends the song on a set of chords, blasting the opponent back with a large sound wave. The attack forces her into her Renegade Form, as she retains the electric guitar when it ends.
  • [UA]{Renegade Only} I Am What You Make of Me: Eris strums a chord on her guitar, starting to sing a slow tune. She strikes another chord, breaking into a solo, then starts rapidly singing in ancient language. Each word brings more and more pain to the opponent, and the notes from the guitar slowly make a light blue light envelop her and the enemy. Her notes fade to acoustic, as she reverts to base form, the song transitioning into a softer, calmer melody. The song fades to nothingness, making the enemy rise up. She strikes a final chord, and the opponent gets tossed back in an explosion of blue and white light.
  • [Passive] Ceaseless Voice: It is impossible to suppress or stop her music, and it floats through even the toughest of barriers, be it natural deafness, or magic.
  • Dissonance: A technique learned from the rogue wanderer, Cynthia. In the event of a clash with noises, her notes take on a frequency that causes immense pain to the other user, forcing hers to win the clash.
  • Burning Drive: A frantic melody that envelops the enemy in fire.
  • Frosted Chords: A set of high pitched, soothing chords that envelop the opponent in frost.
  • Storm Bolt: A chord that causes a lightning bolt to strike the opponent.
  • My Emotion is My Weapon: She can channel her emotion and thoughts into songs to create objects.
  • You Can’t Touch the Music, but the Music Can Touch You: A tune that deals very minor damage, but can’t be stopped.
  • I Giveth, and I Taketh Away: A song that can redirect outcomes. Based off of magic Historia taught her.
  • Siphoning Voice: A song that siphons the opponent’s health, and restores her own equal to what was taken from the opponent.

Support Edit

  • Voice of Rage: A song that raises her and her party’s offensive outputs by 25%.
  • Voice of Reason: A song that removes all stat buffs to an opponent. It also halves their damage output by making them see reason, and doubt their motives.
  • Voice of Healing: A soothing melody that heals party members by 15% of their max health.
  • Shielding Voice: A song that, for as long as it is sung, negates all damage done to the party, UAs included. It does not protect herself, and is broken if she is attacked twice (multihit attacks like Meido Zangetsuha and multiple part UAs only count as one attack). She cannot attack or change songs as long as she is singing the tune, but she can end it at any time.
  • Voice of Sorrow: A sad melody that has a 50% chance of making the opponent stop attacking. (Similar to Historia, the formula is heads= success, tails= failure)
  • My Life is Yours: A song that transfers her own life energy to that of an ally. Health she loses is converted into the ally’s health, equal to what she shares, percent wise. So if she gave away 10% health, her opponent would regain 10% of their own health, rather than 10% of hers. (In Pokémon stats, let’s say her max health is 1000. If she shared 10% of her health, and her ally’s health was 2000, her opponent would get 200 HP back, not 100)

Forms Edit

  • Base: Her regular form. She has access to all of her abilities, but they do regular damage, and can’t cause status effects based on the element of the attack used.
  • Renegade: A form she accesses through Voice of the Wind. She gains an electric guitar, her attacks deal double damage, and she causes status effects based on move element. However, she loses access to all of her support based abilities, with the exception of Voice of Rage.