Esmene Solacio
Vital statistics
Position Silent Blades Co-leader
Age Unknown, born 1/1
Status Alive, Married to Melissa and Ignis
Physical attributes
Height 5" 6"
Weight 100 lbs.

Esmene Solacio [Theme- Drakengard 3 OST – FIVE (Second Variation): ] [S]

Esmene is an elf with an unfortunate past. Once unknown to her, she was once the goddess Esmelda, but was split into three personas by Ignis, who convinced the amnesiac spirit she was his sister. She’s aloof most of the time, and has minor brain damage due to being forcefully split from Enemse.

Appearance Edit

Esmene has long, neat blonde hair. Her eyes are large and a brilliant green, and she has an innocent, cheerful expression. Like all elves, her ears are pointy. She has a slender build and an ample bust, and the way she holds herself commands respect yet doesn’t seem haughty nor authoritative. She alternates clothing a lot, but she normally wears a sleeveless, green silk shirt that shows a small bit of cleavage, and a green skirt. She also sometimes wears green leather armor over a chainmail shirt, with brown fingerless gauntlets made of leather. She also sometimes wears a brown tunic, and also sometimes a simple green dress. She has a green sword of an unknown mineral (it has traits of peridot, malachite, and emerald) at her hip, and always wears green ear rings with a diamond necklace.

Personality Edit

Esmene is sweet and innocent. She cares about a lot of things, and has a strong set of morals. She’s efficient in combat, and will protect what she cares for with her last breath. She has a deep love and wonder for nature, and a very tender and caring side, especially towards her lovers. Unfortunately, not all is right with her. She hides a very bad inferiority complex, and she also masques what is sometimes overly severe depression brought on from knowing no matter how many friends she makes, she’ll end up alone in the end be it because they learn of her quirks or they just die. Because of this depression she sometimes comes off as too overly nice, as she does all she can to keep her friends around. She seems foolish and bubbly, and despite her aloof nature, she’s actually quite intelligent when she wants to be. She has an obsession with snuggling.

Backstory Edit

Esmene was once the deity of light, Esmelda. However, a false rumor led the king Ignis trying to slay her. It instead split her into three parts, Sachi, Esmene, and Enemse. Esmene was the good, innocent side, Enemse was the bad, corrupted side, and Sachi was what remained. She was closest to Esmene in her traits and whatnot. Ignis was able to slay Enemse, who had tried to reform Esmelda by fusing their souls again, as she wanted to take control of the goddess and raise hell. Ignis managed to convince the amnesiac Esmene that she was his sister, and had a severe accident that ruined her cognitive functions for a bit. She was eventually inducted into the Silent Blades when Ignis realized how powerful she was. She was the strongest member for a long time, until after Melissa came. Sometime afterwards, Enemse managed to reform, and she found and killed Esmene on the spot, fusing with her essence to recreate Esmelda. She would have destroyed everyone with her attack Planetary Radiance, but Sachi, a leader of a large guild, managed to intervene in the battle. She was able to take Esmelda down, where it was revealed she was the remnants of their fusion, hence her powerful light abilities. She killed Enemse, and was able to save Esmene by keeping Esmelda’s spirit bonded to her own. She still was unable to recover her memories however, leaving her aloof. She was able to learn bits of her true past, and that she wasn’t actually Ignis’ sister, or even born in that village. She harbored no hatred towards Ignis for lying to her, telling him his lie let her live a good life. He further apologized for ruining her life, saying she wouldn’t have the mentality of a 5 year old half the time if he hadn’t fallen for that request. Esmene told him she didn’t hate him for that either, and kissed Ignis, telling him she always looked up to him, and that he was in a lot of ways one of her reasons to keep going. The two later got married. Esmene was absent for a lot of the Sigil’s Regime events, but ended up learning from Hareyakana that Melissa had feelings for her, which is why she was so protective of her. Esmene went to go talk to Melissa to sort things out, but things escalated, and the two kissed. Ignis caught word of this, but rather than punish either of them, inducted Melissa into a harem of sorts so she could be with Esmene still, without Esmene having to break up with anyone.

Weapons & Gear Edit

  • Rings of Asmut: 10 powerful rings she wears. Each one embodies a different substance. The ones on her right hand represent the elements, and the ones on her left represent more spiritual matters. These rings render her immune to Fire and fire subsidiaries/fire like substances/things bearing likeness or traits of fire, Water and water subsidiaries, water like substances, things bearing likeness or traits of water, Earth and earth subsidiaries, earth like substances, things bearing likeness or traits of earth, Wind and wind subsidiaries, wind like substances, things bearing likeness or traits of wind, Nature and nature subsidiaries, nature like substances, things bearing likeness or traits of nature, Light and light subsidiaries, light like substances, things bearing likeness or traits of light, Dark and dark subsidiaries, dark light substances, things bearing likeness or traits of dark, bodily manipulation, spiritual manipulation, and energy alterations (this includes psychic abilities). They also give her control over these elements and the like. She can only have two rings on each hand active at the same time, but she can always use the elements of the rings, regardless of which are active and which aren’t.
  • Bloodfang: An interesting dagger with the middle of the blade cut out. It can create a blue blade extension, and the blade passes through objects, such as other blades.
  • Bonefang: A sword formed from an odd, green mineral. It doesn’t particularly have any special properties, but Esmene uses it because it’s balanced well, and she likes the colors.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • [UA] Planetary Radiance: Quite possibly one of the strongest attacks in existence, even though Esmene’s is much weaker than the one Esmelda could use. A large dome of white light covers the entire area. The inside of the dome is multicolored, and glows radiantly, though it burns to be inside. The inside explodes in plumes of colored light, and when the dome fades, nothing is left in the area but a blank white plain. Esmene stands in the direct center, with her opponents at her feet, if they survived.
  • Song Magic: Esmene can manipulate emotions through her songs.
  • Light Magic: Esmene is capable of using light magic, boosted by her Light Ring of Asmut.
  • Nature Manipulation: Esmene can manipulate plant life, and use green auras in combat.
  • Magics of Asmut: The various manipulations of elements granted by the Rings of Asmut.

Forms Edit

  • Fallen Goddess: She can return to her former glory for short bursts of time by tapping into Enemse's innate energy. In this form, she goes by the name Esmelda, gains an insane boost in her power, and changes appearance. She grows to about 10 feet tall, ger hair reaches the floor, she gains large golden wings, and she dons a flowing, regal white robe with golden patterns on it. She also carries a large staff, and her swords nearly double in length.