Historia Miesa
Vital statistics
Position Silent Blades Member
Age 19, Born on 1/9
Status Alive, Single
Physical attributes
Height 5' 8"
Weight 112 lbs.

Historia Miesa [Theme- Touhou Remix #122 (Metal) Deaf to All but the Song:] [SSS]

A member of the elite guild, Silent Blades. She’s known throughout Viosha for her uncanny prediction abilities, and some theorize she can even rewrite entire chunks of time. She specializes in Fate magic, though she dabbles in a few other elements as well.

Appearance Edit

Historia has flowing, pink hair. Her eyes are a pale shade of blue. She wears an ornate cloak adorned with runes, and she has an hourglass necklace on. She wears a simple pink shirt under her cloak, with white cloth pants on underneath. She has a shortsword at her hip.

Personality Edit

Historia is calm, and collected. She always seems to be in good cheer, though on the battlefield she alternates between her regular cheery self and a more silent, calculating persona. This doesn’t mean she suffers split personalities, she just knows how to act and when. She’s caring to friends and strangers alike.

Backstory Edit

Historia was born into a small family living in the Malachite Kingdom. She was one of the few humans there, so she was somewhat shunned by her classmates. She developed an obsession with Fate, repeatedly telling herself nothing was sealed, and that anything can change. She soon developed the ability to actually alter fate, something Ignis noticed on a trip to Malachite Kingdom. He picked Historia up as an apprentice, and after training her for a few years, he let her into the Silent Blades.

Weapons & Gear Edit

  • Sliver: A double edged shortsword she keeps at her hip. Despite her nicknaming it, it has no real special properties.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Historia relies on a lot of luck and dodging techniques. She isn’t particularly combo heavy, and her damage output isn’t spectacular, but she can go entire fights without getting damaged, and her damage outputs do add up. Her defenses are relatively average, but she has a lot of survivability due to her high health.

  • [UA] Fate Isn’t Sealed: Only works when her health is low. It removes a decent bit of the damage she took in the match (~30%). Historia then predicts the opponent’s next attack, evading it. She creates a net of timelines over one another in which various actions happen, all of which involve her nearly killing the opponent. The timelines all converge into one, inflicting major damage on anyone hit.
  • [Passive] All-Seeing Eye: She has a 25% chance of auto evading an attack. (To determine, two /flips will be used. If they are both the same data (2 heads or 2 tails), she evades. If they aren’t, she doesn’t.)
  • Alternate Ending: A way to dodge, in a sense. Historia rewrites the fact an attack ever hit her, allowing her to either dodge or create a counter strike.
  • Prediction: Allows her to predict an attack happening in the future, making the attack she predicts fail.
  • Flames of the Fates: Silvery blue flames she can create at will. They serve various purposes.
  • Fate Shines on Me: A risky endeavor. If an attack hits her, she can negate the damage and make it harm the opponent double what she would have taken. If it fails, she instead takes the double damage. (For triggering, when used, /flip will be used. If heads, she negates. If tails, she takes the damage.) (UA’s have a 12.5% of evasion (3 like data types in a row))
  • Fated Strike: If the opponent dodges her hit, she can potentially make it land anyways by altering fate to make it strike. (Same formula as before, if heads, she hits, if tails, it’s still a miss)

Forms Edit

  • Angel of Fate: Large, golden pink wings appear on her back, and her outfit changes to more of a veil like, pink robe with golden accents. She has silver ribbons adorned along her attire, and the rune for “Fate” appears above her head. In this form, she has a 50% chance of dodging hits (determined through /flip, heads is dodge, tails is hit), her attacks are guaranteed to land, and she moves at twice the speed.