Ignis Solacio
Vital statistics
Position King of Solacio Kingdom
Age 26, Born on 11/19
Status Alive, Married to Esmene and Melissa
Physical attributes
Height 6' 5"
Weight 170 lbs.

Ignis Solacio [Theme: Let There Be Light- ] [SSS]

Ignis is the king of the Solacio Kingdom. He likes to collect ancient artifacts, and as a result, he uses a lot of items in battle. Due to his elven blood, he is good at getting those around him to respect him. He’s the main overseer of the Silent Blades, a small guild dedicated to protecting him and his kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Ignis has green eyes, and short, brown hair. He wears a brown cloak over silver, intricate armor. He keeps two swords on his back, and he has a ring on each finger. He wears fingerless gauntlets, and chainmail under everything. He also has markings under his eye to show his status as an Awakened.

Personality Edit

Ignis is kind and protective. He has a strong set of morals that he sticks by, and he isn’t afraid to hate another that goes against these morals. Despite his status as king, he doesn’t abuse his power much, and actually works to benefit others. He strongly believes in equality, and as such is one of the only rulers that gives all of his subjects perfectly even rights. He likes to have a good laugh, and is very lighthearted in nature. However, mess with something he holds dear, and he becomes harsh and violent.

Backstory Edit

Ignis was born in a small elven village. He was an adventurer by heart, and he often shirked his duties to go explore the nearby area. However, during one of his expeditions, a pack of warriors sent in by the king of Solacio Kingdom (then named Regnal Kingdom) slaughtered the village due to the king receiving a vision that a member of the village would be his downfall. Upon returning home, he found his village in shambles, with no survivors. One of the soldiers had dropped a sword as they left, so he put two and two together quickly, due to their swords being distinct. He swore revenge, and ran off, taking the sword with him. He went to other elven villages, rallying up soldiers to launch an attack on the kingdom to avenge his fallen comrades. He was able to get a decently large army, and thus, he launched an attack on the kingdom. After a war lasting a few years, he was able to slay the king, using the very same sword he picked up. Ignis was crowned new king, and he began to reform the kingdom. About 3 years into his rule, he was baited into killing Esmelda, the daughter of Astra and Soluna. When she was slain, she split into three people- Esmene, Enemse, and Sachi. Enemse was psychotic, and tried to kill him, After killing her, he learned Esmene had lost her memories, and suffered heavy brain damage, but that Sachi was fine, though she had no memories of being Esmelda. Sachi was sent off to a mage’s school, and Ignis took Esmene in, telling her she was his sister and that she badly injured her head. Ignis felt a lot of guilt for ruining her life like that, so he babied her, and treated her as good as he could manage. After showing proficiency in combat, Ignis inducted her into the Silent Blades, his startup guild designed to act as a royal guard. A year afterwards, Enemse came back to life due to being poorly sealed. She hunted down and killed Esmene, taking her soul and fusing with her, once again becoming Esmelda, but corrupted this time due to lack of balance. She was about to destroy the realm with her signature attack, Planetary Radiance, but was stopped by Sachi, who gained her memories back after feeling the surge of energy Esmelda gave off. Sachi and Ignis banded together to defeat Esmelda, and after her defeat, brought Esmene back to life by binding what was left of Enemse’s soul to Esmene’s. When Esmene woke up, Ignis explained how he lied to her, and how much guilt he felt for the entire situation. Esmene forgave him, thanking him for being honest, and for treating her so well, as she would have been doomed if he hadn’t done what he did. The two kissed, and later married. When the Dark Guild Sigil’s Regime revealed itself, Ignis and Melissa had Esmene stay behind for a lot of the fights, as they didn’t want her to get hurt by the leader, since he was believed to be Zylin, a psychotic man. After the battle against Sigil’s Regime ended, Ignis learned of the fact Esmene and Melissa were somewhat of a couple, so rather than take action, he inducted Melissa into his harem so that she and Esmene could be together, without Esmene having to break up with one of them.

Weapons & Gear Edit

  • Sorrowfang: A black, jagged sword he keeps on his back. It restores his health equal to the damage it deals.
  • Blazefang: A long sword he carries on his back. It appears to be very, very hot, like a sword fresh out of the burner (where it’s white hot and ready to be hammered), and it emits a bright glow. Opponents hit with this sword catch on fire immediately.
  • Armor of the Gods: Specially forged armor crafted by Esmene, blessed with the aura of Esmelda. It negates all melee damage done to it, and halves magic damage.

Ignis does not have many magic spells, or any forms. He can use basic elemental magics, but typically uses his weapons and defenses, and as such, he isn’t getting an attack section.