Lydia Morris
Vital statistics
Position Treasurer of the Silent Blades
Age 153, born on 12/13
Status Alive, Single
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 140 lbs.

Lydia Morris [Theme- Diao ze Yong (Withered Leaf) Touhou Metal Remix: ] [S]

Lydia is the treasurer of the Silent Blades, but don’t let her non combative title fool you. She’s a powerful demon with a relatively rare ability- she can use her hair in combat. On top of this, she’s lithe, and doesn’t mind getting hit.

Appearance Edit

Lydia alternates hairstyles due to her ability to grow, shrink, and control her hair at will. She normally either has her hair short, or really long but fashioned in a complex way. She has yellow eyes, and her ears are slightly pointed. She wears a black cape, with a plain blue tunic underneath. One of her arms has an armored gauntlet on the entirety of it, with the hand of the armor ending in steel claws. Her other arm is bare, save for a bracelet, since she can easily swing a sword with it. She has an odd cloth piece similar to the bottom of a cloak on her waist, and save for some chainmail on her legs, her legs are mostly bare, that way she can move faster and less impeded. She has two swords on her back, and one at her hip.

Personality Edit

Lydia is maniacal, in a good way. She seeks to have fun, and doesn’t care how she achieves it. She especially loves the battlefield, and is prone to break into raucous laughter during fights, especially if she’s losing or badly wounded. She’s known to go insane in combat due to being a demon, and she’s slightly masochistic, as she uses herself as a human shield, and seems to enjoy pain. She’s a strict, but good leader, and she’s surprisingly orderly.

Backstory Edit

<Due to canon rewriting, will be filled in later>

Weapons & Gear Edit

  • Triple Blades: Three swords she carries with her. She uses her unarmored hand to wield the one at her hip, and she uses her hair to wield the other two. They don’t have any special properties, but they're made of a sturdy metal that easily cuts most objects.
  • Clawed Gauntlet: A gauntlet she wears on one arm. It’s made of an unknown, durable metal. The fingers on it are clawed, allowing it to be used as melee.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Hair Manipulation: Lydia’s signature ability. She can control her hair, allowing it to grow, shrink, harden, soften, etc. It can also take on any form, and with its ability to harden and soften, she can use it to block damage, and lessen the damage from falls. She can also form it into blades, and other objects.
  • Blue Lightning Manipulation: She can manipulate blue lightning. Due to the structure of her hair, it can be conducted through that, allowing her to electrocute people through her hair. It also grants her several lightning based abilities.
    • [UA] Calm Before the Storm: Lydia’s hair turns into pure electricity, and she wraps the opponent up in her hair. This deals intense shock damage, and causes paralysis. She then launches them upwards, and whips them with her hair, catching them and sending them back to her. She launches them again, and forms wings with her hair, flying up to meet her enemy. She barrages them with electrified sword strikes, as the swords she uses with her hair carry the electricity. She ends the attack with a giant blast of lightning energy, and her hair returns to normal.
    • Elgente: A net of lightning that explodes off of Lydia’s body. It has a short range, but can deal decent damage.
    • Lifang: Fang shaped blasts of lightning that shred the opponent.
    • Esthu: Three pillars of lightning that erupt in front of Lydia.
  • [Passive] Demonic Soul: Due to being a demon, she can access some demon perks. She moves faster than humans, and deals more damage than humans, for starters. She heals faster than normal, allowing her to quickly lose wounds, no matter how severe, while simultaneously slowly regaining health and stamina.

Forms Edit

  • Enhanced State: A form in which she taps into her full demonic potential. This doubles her speed and damage output, but harms her sanity, making her become further maniacal, and thus easier to damage. She gains a soft red aura in this state, and her hair seems to flow, even if it isn't windy. It’s also worth noting that her eyes glow yellow.