Melissa Aldaine
Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Silent Blades
Age 24, Born on 8/29
Status Alive, Married to Esmene and Ignis
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2"
Weight 160 lbs.

Melissa Aldaine [Theme- Shiai Kaishi Extended: ] [SSS]

Melissa is the leader of the Silent Blades, 12 powerful warriors that guard the king, Ignis. She is unique in that she is the only one to use a short katana, and also unlike the others, she forgoes armor. She's fierce and cold, though she has a caring side towards those she trusts.

Appearance Edit

Melissa has long, black hair that is rather neatly kept, though there are multiple stray strands across her face that somewhat cover her eyes. Her eyes are a bright shade of red, and she has a stern expression most of the time. She wears a thick, black overcoat over a black, sleeveless silk shirt, and she wears simple black pants as well. She keeps a short, ornate katana at her hip.  She has a black mark on her back that she always keeps hidden, though whenever she accesses her Innate Soul, it can be seen clearly through her clothing.

Personality Edit

Melissa is coldhearted and stern. She treats all people equally, regardless of status, though there are very few people she treats as equals themselves. She is authoritative, though not bossy, and she isn’t afraid to punish those that step out of line, regardless of their status or rank. She treats most of the higher-ups like she would a commoner, or even a footsoldier, which makes her intimidating to most people. She rarely shows her true emotions, making her seem scarily blank to those that mess with her. She does have a nice side, however, as she typically is the first to help a soldier out, and she treats her friends really well. Earn her respect, and she’s surprisingly quite nice. Whenever she accesses Innate Soul, she typically becomes blank and colder, and whenever she uses her True Innate Soul, she becomes somewhat sadistic. She has a habit of killing and eating birds.

Backstory Edit

Melissa was born a human in a small village. She lived a rather solitary life, due to being born sickly and frail. She left her village so that she could come back and say she did something with her life since everyone said she’d amount to nothing. During her travels, she fought with and was killed by a powerful demon named Uzaxi. However, when she died, she woke up in a spirit realm locked within herself. There she found her Innate Soul, her true form. She learns her Innate Soul was actually her past incarnate, and that she was a demon lordess that could use the powerful Ascension Magic. The lordess told her she’d be able to live once more if she allowed their spirits to become one. She initially declined due to how cold her Innate Soul was, but was forced to accept when it was revealed if she didn’t merge, she’d be stuck inside her inner plane for eternity, or at least until she merged. Upon merging, she gained a mark on her back, and her eyes turned bright red. She managed to easily kill Uzaxi with a powerful Ascension spell, Ascending Goddess. She became colder after that day, and went to great lengths to hide her power and markings as a demon lordess, though she was unable to mask her eyes. She spent the next few years wandering the region and dueling those that crossed her. It’s worth noting she didn’t lose once. She caught the attention of the Silent Blades, a small guild formed by the king, Ignis, to act as his guard. They offered her a position in the guild if she could defeat their best 3 members, and she accepted. Even with her coat on, she was able to take all but Esmene down, and after accessing her Innate Soul, she was able to defeat even Esmene. Esmene promised to stay quiet about her status as a demon lordess, since nobody else saw the battle. Melissa joined the Silent Blades, where she was quickly regarded as the strongest member by a long shot. She was somewhat disgruntled yet proud of this, though it worried her since she fought with heavy self-imposed limits. She was forced to reveal her status as an Ascension using demon lordess when the Silent Blades had to combat a rebel guild, Luminous Shadow. The leader of the guild had taken everyone but Melissa down, who was forced to access her True Innate Soul, and she tossed her coat aside, leaving the mark entirely visible to all. She proceeded to defeat him after a rather quick match, and she claimed his sword, Tsumetai, as her own. She was fully expecting to get kicked out of Silent Blade for being a demon, but she was instead promoted to leader. She kept her overcoat on, but stopped hiding her ability to use Ascension magic after that.

Weapons, Gear, & Other Items Edit

  • Tsumetai: A short katana she keeps at her hip. It has a basic design, with a small blade, and a red grip with black diamonds on it. However, the sword grants the user insane speed, and due to this buff, her swings are faster than even that of Honoo’s or Cynthia’s. The blade also gives the user a small attack buff, and the sword has a unique trait- it can cut and restore matter on the fly. In battle, she can cut straight through someone but reform their skin the second it cuts them, thus making them feel like they’ve been cut and half and damaging as if they were cut in half without actually wounding them. This can work on weapons as well (basic weapons (aka not magical, a side weapon, a regular katana, anything like that) can be cut permanently for the duration of the battle, though they reform at the end. Magic weapons will always be restored the second they’re cut.) Non-weapon matter can be cut without reformation, if she so chooses. The blade can also channel Ascension Magic.
  • Black Overcoat: A thick coat she wears. Interestingly, she wears it to prove a point, as it acts like a self nerf on her. Movement is hard to do with it on, and it makes her incredibly hot, especially when it’s already hot outside. Despite this, she remains an utter bitch to take down, and she actually started wearing it to hide her true power. You know she’s taking the fight entirely seriously if she takes it off.
  • Mark of the Lordess: A large, black marking on her back that could pass as a tattoo. It shows her status as a demon lordess. It doesn’t really do much when she isn’t using her Innate Soul. However, even in base form, it does prevent attacks that autokill from damaging her (Sword of the Divine Light, Cursed Light, etc)
  • Silent Blades Emblem: A small bracelet she keeps hidden by her sleeve. It’s what she uses to prove she’s a Silent Blade member. The charm on it is two swords crossed over a shield. It gives the user the ability to pierce hyper armors, and prevents autohit (attacks that cannot miss, attacks guaranteed to hit, attacks that don’t make exact contact (cuts from nowhere, certain status effects, etc.)) attacks from working.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Ascension Edit

Signified by its blue coloration, Ascension magic is a type of magic exclusive to Melissa, and obtained through the demon lordess, Tsukiha. Ascension magic is known for its ability to absorb other magics, thus making it grow stronger when it comes in contact with another spell.

  • Ascending Spire: Blue, crescent shaped blades of magic are fired along the ground that rise upwards slowly.
  • Ascending Blade: A blade of Ascension magic is formed under the opponent, which slashes upwards.
  • Ascending Fist: A large fist of Ascension magic slams downwards into the opponent
  • Ascension Drive: Two orbs of Ascension magic are formed, and slam into the opponent.
  • Ascending Spike: A spike of Ascension magic spears the enemy from below.
  • Ascending Pulse: Pulses of Ascension magic are fired at the enemy
  • Ascending Fury: Short ranged, blue crescent blades are released from quick sword strikes, barraging the opponent.
  • Ascension Spears: Small needles of Ascension magic fire outwards in a sphere like structure off of Melissa.
  • Ascension Break: Ascension magic glows around Melissa and breaks off of her, creating a short ranged, blue dome of light when it shatters. Has a flash bang effect, and deals decent damage.
  • Ascension Flames: Blue flames made of Ascension magic. Unlike regular fire, it does not burn, as it is just a manifest of energy. However, it also eats away at auras, and can dispel status buffs.
  • Ascending Starburst: A large spiral of blue fire swirls around Melissa and the enemy, dealing damage.
  • Ascending Flare: A spark of Ascension magic is fired at the enemy, which explodes into a flare on contact.
  • Ascending Fireburst: Jets of blue fire spray from Melissa, and move around like hair in the wind.
  • Ascension Fluid: She can make the magic a more fluid substance. As a liquid, it is more moldable, allowing unique things to be done with it.
  • Ascension Torrent: Liquid Ascension magic erupts from under the enemy sort of like lava, but translucent and blue.
  • Ascending Whirlpool: A large vortex of Ascension magic is formed, and traps the opponent.
  • Ascending Tears:  Similar to Ascension Spears, though the needles are liquefied, and rain down on the arena rather than fly out in a sphere.
  • Ascension Bolt: Ascension magic manifested as electricity.
  • Ascension Sparks: A mass of blue and white sparks fly off of Melissa at a super-fast rate, dealing damage
  • Ascending Thunder: Blue lightning crackles off of Melissa, sparking into the opponent.
  • Ascending Flash: A large electric bolt of Ascension magic is fired straight up in the air. It then falls back down onto the opponent.
  • [UA] Ascending Goddess: A blue sphere of Ascension magic traps the opponent, and they get sucked into Melissa’s Innate World. Melissa and Tsukiha tag team the enemy, slashing at them with Ascension-infused blades, sending blue energy blades off of them with each strike. Tsukiha and Melissa then re-fuse, in Perfect Innate Soul form (if they used the UA when in this state to start with, Melissa reverts to Perfect Innate Soul, and Tsukiha enters an Awakened state), and Melissa ends it with a large jet of sparks made of Ascension magic, which engulf the opponent. They're then forced out of the Innate World, and Melissa returns to her conscious being, stabbing her blade through the sphere, breaking it and stabbing through the now greatly damaged opponent. The sphere explodes on contact.

Forms Edit

  • Innate Soul: The mark on her back starts to glow red, becoming visible even through her coat. She gains an aura of Ascension magic, and a large boost to her offenses and defenses.
  • True Innate Soul: She completely merges with Tsukiha, changing her body entirely. Her hair becomes long and silver, she becomes topless, though her hair covers her body, and her pants change into the bottom half of a kimono. Black runes appear all over her body, and she gets black markings on her face as well.  Her attacks get major boosts in power, and gain a bright, blue glow to them.