Mystia Hoshi [Theme- Apparitions Stalk the Night: ] [X]

Height: 4’ 8”

Weight: 82 lbs.

Birthday: 1/1


Resonant Aura: Sea Green

Title/Alternate Title: The Realm Crystal/Guardia’s Loli

Occupation: Realm Crystal

Likes: Relaxing, snuggling, fried dumplings

Dislikes: Fighting, Zylin, being called weak, being called a child

Fears: Being raped again, being alone

Sexuality: Lesbian

“You’ll feed off my misery you say..? I may not be the biggest.. I may not be the most powerful.. But I can assure you one thing… You. Will. Starve.”


Mystia is the Realm Crystal of Guardia, and a powerful woman- even more so after becoming fully realized/Awakened. She’s one of the “daughters” of Astra, as she was born from one of her crystals. She was once a guardian of the Realm Crystal, until Zylin pushed her into it. Due to her connection with Astra, rather than die, she absorbed its power and became one with it, at the cost of her memory.

Appearance Edit

Mystia has light, blue hair that she keeps in a bun. She has blue eyes, with irises that appear to be made of diamond. She wears a regal outfit. Her top is white, with gold accents on the sleeve, and blue stitchings around the chest and sleeve areas. Her bottom is a long, veil-like skirt with ornate patterns sewed in. She has a fancy naginata on her back, with ruby blades, and a special carved and painted handle. She has weird tattoos on her right forearm.

Personality Edit

Mystia is shy and quiet. She’s tender and caring, but seems to be confused on a lot of things. She spaces out a lot, and has troubles answering things due to knowing very little about the world. Despite this, she’s quite intelligent, and packs an intense punch in combat. She has a heart of gold, and is typically polite to people, but due to her slight childish nature, she can get upset or terrified easily, even if she tends to hide it. She’s very tender to those she holds dear, and is very unlikely to ever show any sign of rage, unless you really cross the line somewhere.

Weapons and Gear Edit

·         Ornate Naginata: A fancy naginata she wields. It allows her to shift her attributes when needed. It can turn into dual crystal swords when Guardiesa is active.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mystia has two main magic types- Realm Crystal and Card magic. Before she became fully realized, she had little mastery over her magic, making it erratic and weak, with large damage output due to the nature of Realm Crystal energy. She had no real innate pool of magic energy, meaning she was useless outside of Guardia, unless she carried a necklace made of Realm Crystal on her. After becoming fully realized, she not only gained perfect mastery over her magic, but she also got an internal magic pool, meaning even without her necklace, she’s extremely potent. She doesn’t have a set fighting style, due to the diversity of her attacks and skills. It’s worth noting that the energy making up her attacks is called pure energy, which is a type of energy really only Mystia and Kamichi wielders can manage at all, with a few exceptions (Astra). As such, it’s dangerous to touch, or to try and manipulate or eat away.

Realm Crystal

She can channel the power of both the Realm Crystal, and also individual World Crystals. They have seriously condensed energy, meaning even the smallest of attacks pack power equal to that of some of Guardia's strongest. So strong, in fact,that this magic is considered the second strongest magic type in all of Guardia. It ignores armor, and has a burn effect, making attacks override other magic spells on top of the ability to deteriorate armor. It also does continual chip damage after contact for a while. Most of her Realm Crystal magic spells have 3 variants: -ia, -ias, -iesa. Each one is stronger than the last, and now deal much more damage with much more control since she’s Awakened.

·         Veshnia: Mystia raises her arm, and a sphere of Realm Energy slams into the opponent.

o   Veshnias: A stronger variant. Mystia forms a crystallized sphere of Realm Energy, and slams it into the opponent. It explodes into liquid Realm Energy on contact.

§  Veshniesa: Mystia closes her eyes and folds her hands over her chest, and a giant sphere of Realm Energy forms around herself and the opponent, dealing insane amounts of damage.

·         Betadia: Mystia forms a small, blue dome around herself that absorbs magic. It also does damage if touched.

o   Betadias: Mystia forms a decent sized blue dome around herself. It heals her when touched by anything with the equivalent of its power (so if she was hit with Golden Flare, she would heal regain the amount of health she should have lost)

§  Betadiesa: Mystia gains a glowing white aura, which slowly heals her over time, restores equivalent damage, and has a double counter feature (if she's hit with a Golden Flare, she'd heal, while the attacker takes double the damage she should have taken)

·         Auria: Mystia releases a white flash that contains her negativity.

o   Aurias: Mystia releases a long ranged grey flash that contains her emotion.

§  Auriesa: Mystia unleashes a powerful black flash that contains her very essence.

·         Crystia: Mystia creates 3 crystals around the opponent, which slam into them.

o   Crystias: Mystia forms 30 crystals around the opponent, which slam into them all at once.

§  Crystiesa: Mystia forms a countless amount of crystals around the opponent, and barrages them with the crystals. Each one explodes on contact.

·         [Elegy] Guardia: Mystia touches the ground, and a massive surge of energy begins to grow under everyone’s feet, as if underground. Cracks begin to appear all around, and crystalline energy leaks out rapidly, the energy underneath quickly increasing exponentially. The pressure in the air begins to also surge, just to randomly vanish for less than a second, at which point everything feels like it’s frozen in place. The energy from the ground explodes in a burst of pure energy, dealing insane damage.

o   [Final Verse] Guardiesa: A 6 sided star appears under Mystia’s feet, and she closes her eyes, chanting. She crouches down, and runs her hands along the ground, blue energy leaking out of the star. Another star draws itself under the opponent’s feet, and 6 crystals grow around them, each one the color of a different element [Fire-Red, Water-Blue, Nature-Green, Sky- Light Blue, Light- White, Dark- Dark Violet]. Each crystal represents a different continent within Guardia [Red- Alacaza, Blue- Sylet, Green- Avertia, Light Blue- Viosha, White- Aivsed, Dark Purple- Desvia], and each one hums with the full energy of each continent’s Realm Shard. Crystallized energy begins to surround the opponent, quickly crystallizing them, while dealing major damage due to being composed of roughly 59% Realm Crystal. Mystia lands on top of the crystal, and begins drawing in its power, on top of that of the opponent’s, converting it into pure energy that she can safely absorb. She floats up, her arms raised, and for a second all of the pressure and weight of the world seems to lift from the area, before an insane burst of pure energy erupts from Mystia, the crystals, and the area around them.

·         Unia: A large crystal spire erupts underneath the opponent. When it contacts, multiple blades spike off of it.

o   Dosias: Two crystal spires erupt on each side of the opponent, and pierce through them repeatedly with multiple spires that erupt from the sides of the crystals to connect to the adjacent crystal.

§  Tresiesa: Three spires erupt around the opponent in a triangle formation, and again do the interconnecting side spires, just much more in number. The crystals then all collapse on each other, not only crushing the opponent, but also making the spires within them crack and splinter heavily.

·         Aquia: Jets of liquid crystal erupt from Mystia’s shoulders, and repeatedly whip the opposition.

o   Aquias: A large number of liquid crystal tendrils erupt from her shoulders, and when they whip the opponent, they also do slash damage, as if they were swords.

§  Aquiesa: An uncountable mass of liquid crystal tendrils sprout from her back, and a few grab the opponent up, lifting them in the air. The rest repeatedly pierce into the opponent, ending on a large slash combo.

·         Armia: A basic set of crystalline armor she can form. It doesn’t provide much protection, as it doesn’t cover her arms, but it was once the best she could manage. This and all other crystal armors will absorb magic, due to being composed of Realm Crystal energy,

o   Armias: A thicker set of armor that has the added benefit of covering her arms. She moves a bit stiffly in it, due to awkward joints, but it provides great protection.

§  [Stanza] Armiesa: Her strongest set of armor, and often the one she jumps straight into. It’s thicker than the other sets, and much better plated, giving it an ornate, graceful look to it. It also has a built in pair of blade like, crystalline wings, allowing her to fly. It forces her naginata to become a set of dual wielded swords made of green Realm Crystal. Her movement speed actually increases in the armor, as she can react off of its energy to boost her attributes.

·         [Stanza] Kamia: Three orbs of Realm Crystal energy swirl off of Mystia quickly, slowing down as they spread out, until they come to a stop about 10 meters away from her in a triangle formation. Each one gets connected by a beam of more energy, and it rotates around Mystia again, slowly spreading out as it spins. Each time a line hits an opponent, it paralyzes and deals damage, and each time an orb hits, it deals major damage.

o   [Final Stanza] Kamias: 6 orbs of Realm Crystal energy swirl off of Mystia at a high speed, spreading out as they rotate. When they come to a stop, they form two triangles, with one set slightly above the other, and facing the opposite direction. Like in Kamia, they all connect through green light, creating a 6 sided star over 2 layers. Each one spins in the opposite direction, and at high speeds, practically creating a bladed circle around Mystia. Each time this attack contacts the opponent, it causes an explosion of pure energy, on top of badly slicing them.

§  [Nocturne]: Kamiesa: A countless amount of blue orbs composed of Realm Energy spin off of Mystia, stopping along random points of the battlefield. Thousands of jets of crystallized magic with the consistency of both magic and crystal jet from each orb, connecting each one orb to each other orb, causing a giant mess of shots, and heavily damaging everything on the battlefield. When each orb is connected, they begin to degrade into pure energy, which gets ejected as millions upon millions of extra shots, with each mere fleck of energy dealing insane amounts of damage.

Card Magic

Mystia managed to steal multiple powerful cards from Zylin after he was defeated the first time by Hitokage. The cards come from another realm, Morena, and have a ton of uses. To activate them, she can either toss them to the ground, hold them up, or simply call their name, but to trigger, she typically lets them fall to the ground. The main card in her deck is her Life Card, a card unique to those who hold it. Once it is bound to someone, it will only work for that person, and cannot be bound to anyone else afterwards. It has details of the wielder, and is used to trigger their strongest unique attacks.


Cards enclosed in [] are regular cards.

Cards enclosed in <> are Super Cards.

Cards enclosed in <<>> are Ultima Cards.

Cards enclosed in {} are cards banned/deemed illegal by law in Morena.

Cards in italics are Life Card effects

·         [Passive] Halfway There: Whenever Mystia’s health falls below half, her damage output gets doubled for as long as her health remains under half. Can be triggered infinitely, assuming she heals off.

·         <<What Little Remains>>: Triggered when her Life Card is dropped facedown. A glyph appears under the caster’s feet, and expands outwards, runes drawing themselves around the lines that branch off of the main circle. The arena turns stark black, though the runes and circle can still be seen. Petals flow around, and purple flames float into each opponent. These flames drain their life force, healing the caster until each of their life forces are halved. The arena returns to normal, the blackness getting sucked into each opponent.

·         <<Falling in Reverse>>: Triggered when her Life Card is dropped face up. It reverses an action by up to 2 minutes.

·         <<Down with the Sickness>>: Triggered when her Life Card is dropped standing up. A card that when used, sends a large jet of acidic death energy that burns through most material and inflicts lots of ailments.

·         {Black Arena}: A card considered illegal back in Morena. It allows the caster’s spells to kill.

·         {Invigorative Relic}: Raises all of the caster’s stats to the max, and reflects the damage of one attack per opponent.

·         {Sword of False Judgment}: This card cannot be dropped to activate. When held out, a sword pierces through the opponent from nowhere, damaging them intensely.

·         {Life Flow}: Swaps the opponent’s Life Card’s remaining health points with that of Mystia’s.

·         {Lifeclaim}: When this card is cast, it saps a large amount of life energy from those that look at it.

·         [Firestorm]: A giant swarm of fire erupts around the card when cast, dealing flame damage.

·         [Flame Pillar]: A giant pillar of fire blasts from the card when cast.

·         <Magma Shot>: When this card is cast, a giant burst of lava erupts from the ground in a 10 foot radius around the card.

·         [Thundernet]: When this card is cast, arcs of lightning erupt from the card in a 5 meter radius around it.

·         [Thunderbolt]: A bolt of lightning will strike this card 3 seconds after it is cast.

·         <Lightning Spear>: A large spear of lightning spears into the opponent from where the card was cast.

·         [Torrent]: When this card is cast, the arena gets flooded with water for 5 minutes.

·         [Tidal Wave]: A large tidal wave spawns from the card, moving in the direction it was cast at.

·         <Geyser>: When this card is cast, multiple geysers erupt from the ground, dealing water and burn damage.

·         [Ice Storm]: When this card is cast, a blizzard swirls around it, damaging those in the vicinity.

·         [Ice Spires]: Various spires erupt in front of the card, in the direction the name is facing. The spires last for 10 feet in front of the card.

·         <Frozen Chill>: Everything within 50 feet of this card gets frozen, and the next attack to hit anyone frozen does double damage.

·         [Nature’s Calling]: When this card is dropped, it emits a giant green pulse. This pulse will cause massive plant overgrowth in areas it covers, even on people.

·         [Aura Leaf]: This card cannot be activated by being dropped. When held out, multiple leaves made of aura barrage the opponent.

·         <Natural Causes>: When dropped, three vines ensnare the person closest to it. They toss the enemy into the air, and thousands of tiny seeds barrage them from below as they fall.

·         [Gust]: When this card is held out, a gust of wind will push the opponent back. When it is laid on the ground, it will cause a whirlwind.

·         [Aeroblades]: This card cannot be dropped to trigger. When held out, multiple blades of air pierce through the opponent.

·         <Bridge to the Sky>: When this card is cast, opposition on the battlefield get drawn to the car by wind. A wind bridge forms from the card, and ejects them by sending them up the bridge with heavy winds. This and the fall both deal damage.

·         [Rockfall]: When this card is dropped, multiple boulders will fall in its general vicinity.

·         [Spire]: When this card is dropped, a giant blade of rock will erupt from it on the ground.

·         <Continental Split>: When this card is cast, the ground will split apart down the middle of the card, and multiple rocks will get ejected from the new canyon.

·         [Sand Grab]: This card can be activated through dropping or holding it out. A giant hand of sand will grab the opponent and toss them around.

·         [Earthquake]: When this card is dropped, it’ll make the ground badly shake.

·         <Cloaked in Sand>: When this card is activated, it will cause a giant, damaging sandstorm.

·         [Acid Spit]: When this card is dropped, acid will bubble and spew out of it, striking opponents.

·         [Acidity]: When this card is dropped, a wave of acid will spew out of it, degrading the armor of those that touch it.

·         <Venom>: An odd card that, when cast, does nothing. At first. When 3 minutes pass, the ground temporarily turns to damaging mush. Attacks do half damage in the mush, and opponents take extra damage from ally attacks.

·         [Hikari]: When this card is dropped, multiple light blades spear into the opponent.

·         [Kagayaku]: When this card is held out, a blinding light emits from it, dealing damage and blinding those nearby.

·         <<Affinity>>: When this card is cast, it turns the arena field pure white, and sucks the opposition into another world, then follows up with a barrage of light runes.

·         [Kuragari]: When this card is cast, it turns the arena pitch black.

·         <My Life is Your Death>: A card that, when cast, will sacrifice some of the caster’s health, and damage the opponent double what was sacrificed.

·         <<Nocturne>>: When this card is cast on the ground, 8 dark purple orbs erupt from it, smacking into the opponents. The orbs latch on, and then explode into ink like energy.