The elite guild of Viosha. It was formed by the king of Solacio Kingdom, Ignis Solacio. Although he formed it, most of the guild activities are led and executed by Melissa Aldaine, a powerful demon lordess. The guild functions as a court guard of sorts, as they have a large amount of political say. They're also one of the few continent wide guilds, as their sphere of influence and protection spans across all of Viosha, rather than just the single kingdom they come from. The guild is unique in the sense that it has a perfect balance of members- 6 males and 6 females. The guild's main goal is to provide peace and protection to Viosha, and as such, they're the main leaders in the fight against Black Guilds.

Members Edit

  • Melissa Aldaine, the Demon Lordess (Ascension Magic) [Leader]
  • Esmene Solacio, the Remnants of God's Daughter (Varied Magics) [Second-in-Command, Representative]
  • Historia Miesa, She Who Guides Fate (Fate Magic) [Tactician]
  • Eris Withers, the Lost Voice of Reason (Song Magic) [Medic]
  • Hareyakana Tamashi, She Who Passes Judgment (Soul Magic, Other) [Main Ambassador]
  • Lydia Morris, the Gilded Demon (Hair Magic) [Treasurer]
  • Corvus Wak, He Who Talks to Crows (Feather Magic) [Secretary]
  • Garuda Kuroha, the Master of Bows (Archery Magic) [Inventory Checker]
  • Rin Kasai, He Who Bends Weather (Weather Magic) [Defense Coordinator]
  • Anther Garia, One With Nature (Nature Magic) [Representative]
  • Jack Bellinger, Master of the Blade (Sword Magic)
  • Muerte Aguila, Manifest of the Desert (Desert Magic)