Viosha is a land divided by guilds. It has a very diverse community, with the largest variation of races in all of Guardia. It has the strongest military in Guardia, but has a relatively weak navy, and no air support, so it typically avoids war unless it can fight on foot. The ecosystems are diverse, and due to this variation, the landscapes help decide the borders of the kingdoms.

Solacio Kingdom

The elven kingdom in the north. Ignis is the ruler, and his royal guard is the guild Silent Blades. The Silent Blades are often heralded as the strongest guild in Viosha, though getting in is brutally hard. They currently have 12 members. The landscape is heavily forested, with rivers and streams running through it. There are a multitude of small elven villages dotted throughout the woods, and a few large cities. The primary race found in the region is elves, with humans being second most common.

Kingdom of the Sun

The kingdom of the western borders of Viosha. Amaterasu is the unofficial ruler, as the guild House of the Sun rules the area to some degree. The landscape is varied, with mountains towards the southern border, hills in the east, and plains elsewhere. It has a mild climate, and it seems to always be raining in the southernmost part of the plains area. It does not have a predominant race.

Land of Bleached Skulls

The landscape is mostly desert, mountains, and wasteland. Although it is not a bad part of Viosha, it has a bad rep due to most Black Guilds operating in the vicinity. It has the hottest climate in Viosha, mostly due to the desert landscape. Races include humans, harpies, dark elves, and Vervagen. The king of the area is a man named Axel.

Verdant Kingdom

The second largest kingdom in Viosha. It covers most of the south, and is known for having a lot of startup guilds. The ruler of the area is named Sumiko Ishi. A lot of the landscape consists of fields and minor forests. It is known for its small but lively villages, though the main royal city is relatively large. It has a cooler climate than the other regions, save for Malachite Kingdom. Most of the place is primarily human.

Malachite Kingdom

An underground kingdom that operates mostly in the western regions. 99% of their locations are directly under the Kingdom of the Sun, or in the mountains, though Amaterasu gave them a city located just outside of her borders. Due to being underground or on mountains, it’s quite cool outside, and it often snows in the main capital in the winter. The races are primarily dwarven and orc, though humans often come here for jobs.